When you join, you get:

  • Democratic rights: All members elect their workplace reps, branch officers and central union officers.
  • Full legal protection: Members get full legal coverage after the second month of membership (Cases can be brought in the first two months of membership if the member pays a £50 surcharge, £100 for private hire license cases). The legal department will not handle cases that pre-date the member’s joining date.
  • Campaigning rights: Want to transform your workplace? Members can organise and lead their own campaigns in their workplace with the support of IWGB officers
  • English classes: Members have the right to free English classes
  • Trade union training: The IWGB regularly runs training sessions on legal rights, organising and other vital skills

You can also email at or call us on 0203 490 7530 to find out whether you can join the IWGB. You can find out more about membership costs here.

All members must abide by the IWGB’s Code of Conduct.

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