Organise for Change

UPHD and the IWGB campaigns for long-lasting change for Private Hire Drivers.

Our members lead our campaigns. We currently have campaigns focused on pay, driver safety, trade union recognition, the congestion charge and more. Come along to a meeting to get involved!

We are also campaigning for worker status. The so-called “gig economy”, consisting of private hire drivers, couriers, and other low paid workers, is infamous for the companies bogusly classing these individuals as “independent contractors” in order to deprive us of employment rights to which we are legally entitled. Whilst it’s true that most private hire drivers and couriers are self-employed, what the tribunals have told us over and over again is that we are limb (b) workers, a type of self-employed person who is entitled to rights like minimum wage, paid holidays, pensions, protection from discrimination, and more. The IWGB has been at the forefront of waging these test cases to establish rights across these industries. Important victories have included the cases against Uber, CitySprint, Addison Lee, and The Doctors Laboratory.

The union creates real collective power among drivers to ensure that our operators are held to account

Part of the IWGB

UPHD is a branch of the The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is a new and dynamic union which represents mainly low paid migrant workers, such as outsourced cleaners and security guards, workers in the so-called “gig economy”, such as bicycle couriers and Uber drivers, and foster care workers. The IWGB specializes in representing sections of the workforce which have traditionally been non-unionised and under-represented.

Workplace Protection

UPHD reps and the IWGB legal team will make sure you are protected at work

Our team handles all kinds of cases, from unfair deactivations, licensing cases, to illegal deduction of fares… and we win!

Data protection

You can find our data protection policy here: https://iwgb.org.uk/page/data-protection 

And our privacy notice here: https://iwgb.org.uk/page/privacy 

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