Join the UK’s trade union for Private Hire Drivers

What can UPHD do for me?

Fight for better pay and conditions
Fight for fair treatment form licensing authority and a better deal for PHV drivers
Legal support in case of dispute with operators
Legal support against unfair action taken against your license

What is UPHD? What is a union?

United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD) union is a group of private hire drivers working together to improve our wok lives. We use a variety of tools, including political action, to make the private hire industry better for drivers

How much does it cost to join?

UPHD union membership costs £8 per month

Where does my money go?

Membership dues are all used for the running of the union. The IWGB is a registered trade union and we keep transparent accounts which members can see on request

Am I allowed to join a union?

Yes. It is a human right to be a member of a trade union. It is illegal for a company to discriminate against you for trade union membership

What have UPHD done so far?

We have led the campaign against the Mayor of London’s new congestion charge on PH drivers. We are taking him to court at the moment. And we are also fighting for better pay for drivers

How can I get involved?

We have a meeting each month open to members and non-members. Come along!
Fed up of unfair treatment by your operator or licensing authority?
Working longer and longer hours to get by?
Private hire drivers need a united voice to fight for better conditions
Join the union!
UPHD represent ALL private hire drivers working for any operator
Come to a drivers meeting to get involved

You can also email at uphd@iwgb.co.uk or call us on 0203 490 7530 to find out whether you can join!

Fighting for Private Hire Drivers!

Organise for Change

UPHD and the IWGB campaigns for long-lasting change for Private Hire Drivers
The union creates real collective power among workers to ensure that their employers are held to account

Workplace Protection

IWGB reps and the legal team will make sure you are protected at work
Our team handles all kinds of cases, from workplace bullying to illegal deduction of wages… and we win!

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